Cash flow is king

We believe in the power of strategic partnerships at SearchKings™ Africa – especially when the collaboration is designed to help our customers win. And of course, we would never sell anything to our customers before trying it ourselves first.

With that said, meet Leonard Shenker and Dan Wagner from Walletdoc, founded in 2016 – the best way anything should start – from personal experience. In this case, it was a traffic fine delayed in the post resulting in missing the opportunity to qualify for the 50% discount off – which got the gents imagining better ways for how bills should, and could, be delivered and paid.

And so Walletdoc was born – a mobile and web-based payment system that enables consumers to settle municipal, telco and utility bills from their PC or mobile phones. And naturally, when you deliver a service that makes people’s lives easier, it evolves. The Walletdoc offering grew into an end to end payments business making getting paid easy whether instore via point of sale card machines, remotely via payment links or online via Walletdoc’s e-commerce payment gateway.

‘We soon realised that small and medium size businesses in particular needed to address recurring billing needs to better streamline their businesses’ says Leonard. ‘When you run a small business, you can cope doing things manually and making the occasional mistake without it being too much of a reputational risk, but as you scale and increase the volume you need to be able to automate. To scale you have to transition from manual and risky back-end processes to highly automated and financially sound and controlled procedures’.

Walletdoc has helped SearchKings™ Africa scale’ says founder Brett Perlstein. ‘Their secure and automated recurring billing engine has allowed us faster access to cash flow which is the lifeblood of any business. This was a real game-changer for us which would not have been possible without Walletdoc’.

‘As a business that works with a myriad of customers with similar pain points to ours, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Leonard and Dan and the team at Walletdoc. Especially because they echo one of our core values – we win when our customers win, ’ adds Brett.

‘Like SearchKings™ Africa, we want to help create more sustainable and profitable businesses and help our customers reach their potential’ says Leonard. ‘We believe in the power of relationships and ensuring our merchants and clients feel valued and a critical part of our ecosystem.’

Some of the benefits of switching to Walletdoc include highly competitive pricing, automated reconciliation reporting, no settlement fees and next business day settlement directly into your bank account.