Meet Simon

Simon is one of the more than 500,000 people who lost their jobs between December 2019 and December 2020 following the brutal blow of the Covid-19 pandemic to the country’s economy. Isolated and without an income, he just needed someone to give him a chance.

‘At SearchKings™ Africa we do our best to support the communities in which we operate – so when we met Simon with his entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude we wanted to help’ says Brett Perlstein, founder of SearchKings™ Africa. ‘Simon has an arsenal of skills that range from painting to handyman services and a genuine passion to want to help families stay safe and comfortable. So with people spending so much time at home working and learning – and being confronted by all those household items that need attention – the timing was perfect. Think about those floating shelves that need hanging in the garage or the cracks in the courtyard wall that need to be filled. So we saw an opportunity for Simon.’

Together with the SearchKings™ Africa team, Simon’s very own business soon came to life – ‘Safety First Home Services’

And the team didn’t hold back, giving Simon the full SearchKings™ Africa service and consultation experience. This included brand building, logo design and website development. The team also leveraged the power of Google Reviews to generate more business and build customer confidence for Simon. From beginning to end, the SK team helped Simon step by step to leverage the digital economy to unpack his business potential online in a way he didn’t dream possible.

Besides sharing the details of their personal networks with Simon, SearchKings™ Africa also introduced him to Paid Google Advertising through proprietary technology. This blew the lid off his inbound lead generation giving him access to a whole new market of customers, in a targeted geographical area, in their moment of intent. With all the necessary PPE, a solid work ethic and a massive smile, Simon is already getting rave reviews and plenty of new customers.

After only two months of advertising on Google, Simon’s income has grown 8x, with revenue to date comfortably covering his salary needs until the end of the year. Finally, he has peace of mind after a very challenging year. Things have changed significantly for Simon in the space of a year. From being retrenched via text message to now being a business owner with a team of 5 people, who also lost their jobs off the back of the pandemic, life is certainly looking up and he couldn’t be happier.  ‘I cannot thank SearchKings™ Africa enough. They have given me so much more than a brand and a platform. They have given me the chance to build a better life and follow my entrepreneurial dream. All I needed was someone to believe in me’, says Simon. 

So whether you need those family pictures hung on the lounge wall or your concrete slab roof waterproofed, Simon is the guy to call. We are spending more time at home than ever before so ensuring things are maintained, improved and safe is important. So from our family to yours, please call Simon on 083 428 4521, state you are a friend of the SearchKings™ family and get R100 off of Simon’s call-out fee and let him work his magic in your home –  because safety comes first! He would truly appreciate your support.