Turn your website into a sales machine

Turning your website into a sales machine

Most websites we see online are best described as the equivalent of an advertising billboard. The information is static, there is no clear action for each person reading it, and often the content is vague or confusing.

In the Kingdom, we say gone are the days of “billboard” websites and enter the era of dynamic websites that act as your 24/7 sales representative. A real sales machine!

Using our proprietary scoring and design framework, SearchKings™ Africa has developed a Website Sales Conversion Score and Comprehensive Report.

Every website is scored for its potential to generate sales for the business by converting users on the website into a lead. The score is a percentage. Based on empirical data, websites with a 65% or higher score are significantly better at converting users.

Don’t just take our word for it; here’s a case study from a customer we helped using the Website Sales Conversion Score and Comprehensive Report.

A B2B Services Company Case Study
We applied the above-recommended action plan to a B2B business in late 2021.

  • 10x increase in leads converted
  • Cost per lead dropped 85%
  • Share of voice (impressions) skyrocketed to 80%
  • Leads spent more time on the website

For any SearchKings™ Africa customer, we’re offering the scoring of your website for free. Afterwhich, if you want the Website Sales Conversion Report for your business, we’re happy to quote you.