Meet Natasha and Reegan

Meet Natasha and Reegan

What a fantastic way to kick off 2022 as we welcome two new members to the Kingdom, Natasha Desiree Nair, and Reegan Du Buisson.

Meet Project Manager Natasha whose organisational abilities and planning finesse ensures seamless execution on all projects in the Kingdom. With a background in the chaotic worlds of advertising and marketing, travel and tourism to boot, Natasha is more than comfortable with the real-time pace of Paid Google Marketing.

While having only been with SearchKings™ Africa for a few months, it is clear that Natasha thrives when collaborating with colleagues on better ways of managing customer projects and striving for excellence. “I love working as part of a dynamic team and I enjoy offering guidance and support to our customers to help them achieve their goals”.

Gravitating towards the SearchKings™ Africa value ‘we win when you win’, Natasha is wholly committed to helping her customers reach their potential online.

Professionally, Natasha is excited about enhancing her digital marketing skills and has without a doubt come to the right place to do just that. Once upon a time she did want to become a music teacher and went as far as being accepted to university for the course but we are really glad she opted for the route she did.

We know it’s early days but would she recommend SearchKings™ Africa as a lekker place to work? Hell yes! “The environment is fun, happy and friendly and really encompasses a ‘work hard, play hard culture. We have an open-door policy and everyone is happy to share their knowledge and experiences. Happy employees make happy customers. The team is recognised for their hard work, dedication, contribution, and positive impact on the company. There is open and honest communication throughout the team, (say it how it is) and the spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ clearly shines through.

Meet Junior Google Ads Account Strategist Reegan who has been with us for just four months. But, in his own words, “time flies when you are having fun!”.

With a background in sales, Reegan knows how critical it is to understand the customer inside out, to understand their business model and goals, the industry in which they operate, and of course the finer details of the products and services they sell.

He is happiest working with clients in the trenches in a bid to help them dominate online and achieve their business goals. Something really fun to know about Reegan is that despite what some would call his ‘good boy’ appearance, he is the lead singer of one of South Africa’s most prominent metal bands, Facing The Gallows.

As for working in the Kingdom? Reegan couldn’t be happier and calls out the environment, the culture, and the people as the biggest contributions to his seamless and successful integration. “As long as you make sure you bring your best to the table so we can help our clients because “we win when our customers win” – then I don’t know what’s not to love about working here,” he says “I come from some great team environments and SK is the epitome of exactly what a team is.”

Please join us in welcoming both Natasha and Reegan to the Kingdom as they embark on their next exciting professional chapters. We are so excited to have you both as part of the team.