Make Smarter Business decisions through SearchKings™ Call Tracking Solution

Technology continues to evolve at pace, allowing us to streamline and scale our businesses in new ways every day. But at SearchKings™ Africa we still highly rate the humble telephone call as instrumental in helping our customers make smarter business decisions.

Our proprietary call tracking offering is a powerful tool that not only monitors every conversation from beginning to end but measures and scores the calls generated by our advertising efforts. This helps you better understand the actual acquisition cost of every lead generated.

With dynamic phone number insertion (a technique that allows us to switch phone numbers on your site based on the source of the visitor) we can track every call generated by our Google marketing efforts. This technology allows us to go as far as tracking calls back to a specific potential customer, the time of day the call originated, and even to the search terms used by that potential customer. There is an untold fortune of data we can use to help you, the business owner, streamline your inbound telephonic sales strategy. There is no doubt that our proprietary call tracking solution allows insights into not only the quality of leads being generated but also how those leads are being handled within your organisation.

Did you know: Here are some of the age-old mistakes we see businesses make time and time again when it comes to nurturing inbound leads telephonically:

  • Your key sales person straying from the approved script when potential customers call
  • No-one manning the phone during lunch breaks
  • Customers being sent from pillar to post before engaging with the right person in the business to deal with their enquiry.

But how would you know the above mishaps are happening?

This is a practical example of how the SearchKings™ proprietary Call Tracking solution helps address these issues:

Having just gone live with a property client’s exciting new campaign, we noticed three days in that student accommodation callers were being turned away despite the client having rental properties suitable for students. We quickly identified the misalignment between the Google Ads campaign and the handling of incoming sales calls. In this case, the individual receiving the calls had not been briefed on the student accommodation element in the Google Ads campaign and so did not have the correct information on hand to properly respond to, and support, potential customers. Having identified the problem early, we were able to work with the customer to resolve the issue within the first week of going live and avoided countless lost leads as a result.

Our call tracking solution allows you to not only listen back on all inbound sales calls generated for our marketing efforts but to also interrogate potential obstacles and training needed to ensure your sales teams are best equipped and teed up for success.

With our integrated and proprietary technology, you can use call tracking strategically to monitor and score incoming leads, their quality, conversion rate and how they are being handled within your organisation. An enlightening solution for any business owner and truly a main component of SearchKings™ secret sauce.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Was the call handled well? Could the customer have been better informed or directed? This information allows business owners to make insight driven decisions, measure the success of their sales team and identify barriers to lead conversion rates.

Added to all these benefits is the peace of mind that the technology gives our customers, knowing that the leads from their Google Ads campaigns are being funnelled optimally and that no lead is being wasted or missed, With access to voice recordings the moment the call is complete, from anywhere in the world, your sales team are able to action or revert immediately. All of which is crucial to unlocking a business’s potential online. And with the first 100 minutes free each month, what are you waiting for?