Launching a new business online is one thing – keeping it running and firing on all cylinders with new and repeat customers is a whole other ball-game. Never assume that if you build it, they will come!

SearchKings Africa took part in an expert panel discussion during the OnlineX e-commerce Bootcamp. The robust conversation included insights into how to effectively market your business and ensure meaningful return on marketing investment.

Key to this is starting with the end in mind. All too often businesses embark on a marketing journey without clear commercial objectives in mind. However without critical evaluation and internal alignment on what you are setting out to achieve, many end up disappointed at the end of a campaign. The secret is to build your presence online, throw marketing money behind it through various online channels, analyse the data, iterate and make the necessary changes.

This and so much more was discussed by the panel. If you missed it, make a point to listen as
there really has never been a more critical time to drive the right traffic to your business online and there are some nuggets in this conversation that can empower you and your business.

This and so much more were discussed by the panel of experts. If you missed it, watch it here.

Now more than ever it’s critical to get your business online and there were many nuggets in this conversation that can empower you and your business to make smarter marketing decisions.

Topics covered included:
* The power of a cross channel promotion
* Organic vs paid marketing on all online platforms
* How to turn your content into lead generation and sales,
* How to optimise your own marketing approach online.
* Investing in the right channels without blowing your budget a
* How to reach customers at the beginning of their buying journey.

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