At SearchKings™ Africa, we are honoured to work with organisations committed to driving real change in our world. One such organisation is Greenpeace Africa. Tasked to improve awareness online and increase monthly donors, we set out to create a powerful campaign that would engage the widest audience online.
As the world’s second largest search engine, with 24 million people logged onto the platform monthly in South Africa, we leveraged the power of YouTube as a brand awareness and fundraising marketing tool.

A key component of any successful marketing campaign for NGO’s comes down to the right content and this formed the starting point of our journey. Featuring three emotive causes; the devastating impact of plastic to the environment, the impassioned plea to save the Ebo Forest and the critical need for food security in West Africa – our video content was underpinned by emotive messaging.

To truly bring these important causes to life, we collaborated with an experienced copywriter, with both advertising and NPO experience, to create compelling and hard hitting copy to drive these messages home. The copy, when coupled with the striking images and emotive music, was designed to create a deep connection with the target audience and move them to act and donate.

And act, they did. The content resonated with the audience, directing potential donors to a dedicated landing page to complete a contact information form designed for the Greenpeace donation team to convert the leads into once off or long term donors.

Through the use of strategic YouTube channel placements which included BBC Earth, National Geographic, WWF and Unicef, and the use of TrueView for Action campaigns, we were further able to reach a much wider audience on the video platform and enticed viewers to donate on a monthly basis.

The results of the three-month campaign included north of 250 000 views with an average cost per view of R0.38. Critical to this campaign was of course the quality of the leads resulting in new monthly donors and multiple once off donations.

“We are so impressed with the results,” said Bodhisattva from Greenpeace Africa. “The YouTube campaign trial generated almost as many leads, at a similar CPA, as any other marketing channels we have tried. Central to the success was SearchKings™ Africa’s development of emotionally strong content.”

After trialing different tools and approaches for a month, SearchKings™ opted to create
TrueView For Action campaigns for each of the 3 videos with the goal of driving donation conversions. These campaigns were set up by creating 3 different variations of each video, with each version including different ad copy and calls to action allowing the team to rotate each version and determine which message and ‘call to action’ resonated most with the target audience. These TrueView For Action campaigns ultimately were responsible for 90% of all leads generated.

Key to the success of this campaign was our ongoing engagement with the client. A report was delivered every two weeks with real-time data, allowing us to monitor the campaign and make the necessary changes needed.

At SearchKings™ Africa we can help you optimise your content for action on the Youtube platform, as we have done for so many customers. Please get in touch with this should you want to capitalise on the platform.