Let’s keep the spirit

The South African alcohol industry has taken a beating off the back of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdowns.

The cost to the economy as a result of the various alcohol bans has been pinned at a whopping R52 billion with north of 200 000 jobs lost.  And no one saw it coming. ‘Doing business in South Africa can be challenging at the best of times’ says Marc Pendlebury co-founder of WhiskyBrother & Co, a long-standing client of SearchKings™ Africa – ‘but we never expected a nation wide lockdown and complete halt of business. One minute you are planning to grow or expand and the next you are questioning your long term viability.From whisky to wine, brand communications officer, Chanel Conradie from Steenberg Farm says that the last year has certainly been a rollercoaster of a ride impacting so many lives. Many livelihoods depend on the sale of alcohol and it is these people who we care about the most. We are hopeful that no further alcohol bans will greet us in the future, and that we can welcome tourists back safely to enjoy our beautiful country with us.‘

And even the larger brands took a knock with  Solly Kramer in Parkhurst having one of their most challenging years in a long time according to Marketing Manager Caren Munzer. It was without a doubt an uncertain time for all players in the alcohol business. But the industry is fighting back and so are our customers. Read more about their challenges and return to strength through the power of Google Marketing. Please also take advantage of some exclusive offers and lend your support to these businesses as they kick off trade for what we hope is a more fruitful year ahead.

Across our clients, WhiskyBrothers & Co, Steenberg Farm and Solly Kramer Parkhurst have seen a staggering increase in revenue of up to 1000% in online sales with markedly larger baskes sizes as consumers refilled their supply. ‘Thankfully we were able to weather the storm off the back of our strong brand, consistent customer service and sustainable business approach’ says Marc. And with  SearchKings™ Africa as a partner, we have been able to leverage mass migration online as opposed to watching from the side-lines as more customers than ever before moved online.’ Predicting consumer behaviour and demand has been challenging forcing us all to think creatively to engage customers. ‘We’re happy to say that most of our ideas and campaigns have paid off and we are grateful to Adam from SearchKings™ Africa who has helped us navigate the ever-changing landscape and introduced us to Google Shopping to help grow our direct to consumer sales, which have increased substantially. ‘ adds Chanel from Steenberg Farm.

‘The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed online shopping behaviours, driving Solly Kramer’s Parkhurst to up our game with improving our website ordering system’ adds Caren. We have been working with Steve from SearchKings™ Africa for the past 3 months and the support, advice and knowledge has been outstanding at a time when we needed it most. It has been a brutal and uncertain time for our customers in the alcohol industry as trade came to a halt for weeks and months at a time. But through their grit and the power of Google Marketing we are so honoured to be a part of their recovery’ says SearchKings™ Africa Founder Brett Perlstein. ‘We win when our clients win so please also take advantage of some exclusive offers and lend your support to these businesses as they kick off trade for what we hope is a more fruitful year than last.’ As part of the SearchKings™ Africa inner circle please use the SEARCHKINGFRIENDS at checkout towards one of WhiskyBrother & Co exclusive releases.

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