Knighthood in the Kingdom

Dave Freedman joined SearchKings™ Africa in 2016 as a designer. With his unparalleled talent and ability to translate a client brief into a visual masterpiece he soon fast-tracked to become a web developer and then head of our design and web development department. As a business that nurtures talent and rewards initiative, we are proud to announce that five years later, Dave has now been appointed as our Operations Director.

SearchKings™ Africa Founder and CEO Brett Persltein says that Dave echoes the company’s “Get Sh*t Done” attitude, always brings creative thinking to problem-solving and has a dedication to living the brand promise of “winning when our customers win”.

‘From a personal perspective I have learnt so much from Dave’ says Brett. ‘Besides lessons on fatherhood, he is a shining example of how through hard work, the willingness to learn and a can do attitude, you can reinvent yourself and carve out your path in a business’ 

Dave’s new role puts him at the helm of ensuring all aspects of our customer experience are delivered seamlessly and on time. Dave will continue to grow and develop others while striving to uphold our company values. 

‘I’m looking forward to continuing to strengthen our systems, processes and services to ensure we are producing and delivering a world class customer experience’ says Dave, throwing forward to his focus for 2021. 

So what does Dave love about working in the Kingdom?  ‘No two days are the same and each day comes with new obstacles and finding new solutions. Overcoming these challenges and seeing our customers, as well as our staff, succeed is the most rewarding aspect of working at SearchKings™ Africa.” he says. “I have worked in large corporations previously and seen both the good and the bad that come with those organisations. SearchKings Africa has been able to create a magical work environment that allows staff to flourish to become the best they can be.’ he adds.

Please join us in congratulating Dave on his promotion and wishing him another 5 successful years in the Kingdom