Totem and SearchKings™ Africa

The Totem story is one that many entrepreneurs and small family businesses will recognise and understand. A beloved family business that was started two decades ago based on a traditional bricks and mortar wholesale model, needed a jump-start into our accelerated digital economy.

Finding the right partners to unpack their businesses potential online, generate and handle customer demand and build the best ecommerce platform was pivotal. SearchKings™ Africa and their ecosystem of world class marketing partners formed a strategic think tank to support Totem with their holistic rebrand, website refresh and ecommerce, critical stock management and accounting (ERP) back-end.

A process that began during the country’s national lockdown in March 2020,  the team went straight to work to bolster Totem’s digital presence.

Totem has a very specific target audience – parents. Founder Nadine, herself a mother knew only too well the health implications of a heavy bag on a small child. It was for that reason that she set out twenty years ago to create a school bag that was ergonomically designed with a tough firm base, spinal support and comfortable padding. The bags were designed to meet global standards and maintain correct posture – all the while with her own children in mind.

Parents the country over share Nadine’s concern for their children’s comfort and wellbeing  and this is why the execution of Totem’s ad campaign and strategic targeting was critical for customers to be able to find Totem in their moment of need. This is where SearchKings™ Africa unparalleled Google Ads expertise came into play.

The site, which went live on November 26 was an exciting moment for both the Totem and  SearchKings™ Africa team. In only a few short weeks, the Totem team have seen a 300% return on their ad spend. A custom made dashboard allows the team to monitor activity. The ability to gather these data insights gives Totem the edge to make smarter business choices in real-time to reach their customers directly. And the results speak for themselves as Totem have already seen higher on-site engagement and a significant growth in their ability to deliver more school bags at scale. And with a three year guarantee, there is no need to replace bag as frequently. At the end of the day, we win when our customers win, which is a core value at SearchKings™ Africa.

And as a loyal SearchKings™ Africa customer please visit their revamped digital home and use your promo code “Searchkings” for a 40% discount on one of their awesome accessories – ideal for your child’s back to school supplies – or your own.