Welcome to the Kingdom

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest recruit, Google Ads Account Strategist Janno du Preez.

Janno has joined SearchKings™ Africa for a variety of reasons. He calls out how he feels the values and environment of the company fit well with him as one of the key motivations. And of course, the fact that “SearchKings™ Africa is one of the best Google Ads agencies in SA” adds Janno.

Having been in the Kingdom for just over 3 months Janno is excited about his journey to become a Google Ads expert. What does he enjoy most about the role? As a results-driven person who relishes in his client’s success Janno enjoys analyzing data and making real-time decisions to optimize campaigns.

“This is a great place to work,” he says.” Everybody is so friendly and collaborative. And the company value of we win when our customers win, really resonates with me as I believe in the power of Google Ads to help businesses succeed online.”

As for his personal inspiration, that would be Zion Clark, amateur wrestler and track star born without legs due to a condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome. “For me, Zion proves that you can always stay positive, enjoy life, and achieve your goals no matter your circumstances”.

We know that Janno is going to achieve all of these goals and wish him only success with us here in the Kingdom.