Think Black Friday with SearchKings™

For South Africans, Black Friday has become synonymous with big saving, inspiring thousands of bargain hunters to get online – which is good news for your business. But are you ready to meet consumer needs?

This year off the back of the country’s lockdown, travel restrictions and store closures in a bid to keep Covid-19 at bay, having a strong online presence has never been as critical. The need for social distancing has turned the traditional retail experience on its head, forcing the sector to accommodate consumer behavioural shifts overnight.

Of course not all businesses were ready for this and have had to address everything from user pain points and a seamless purchasing journey to marketing your business online and offering tailored marketing messaging in a highly competitive environment. 

While we are currently in lockdown level 1, given the spike in infections being experienced globally, consumers are expected to remain cautious in the coming months which will accelerate shopping online. Given the historic popularity of Black Friday, we can also expect that customers will be ‘deal’ hunting online soon in the hope that retailers hard hit by the lockdown will be looking to move stock fast and likely to leverage once-off sales deals to do so. 

Google’s data suggests that in the last five years, the interest of Internet users in this event has more than doubled

Every year, the shopping fever results in new sales records

87% of South Africans know what Black Friday is all about and proactively look for deals ahead of the da

The average South African bargain hunter is willing to pay R1,654 in total for a Black Friday shopping cart

It’s clear that Black Friday presents a golden opportunity for business owners to show up for consumers at a time when they are looking for deals. As we navigate new ways to work, live and of course shop,  there is even more pressure on retailers to ensure their online journey is ready for the expected digital traffic. Here’s are some things to kick-start the process

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Ensuring all your marketing collateral has one voice across every platform is key to the campaign’s success. One design, one consistent message, across every marketing platform (both online and offline)

Data shows that going live on the day severely limits your reach – capitalise on early search volume and audience engagement and start campaigns weeks in advance.

If you haven’t yet considered how to tackle Black Friday, there is still time to amplify marketing efforts online to ensure that customers find you in their moment of intent. And of course you don’t have to do it alone – get in touch with one of our Kings or Queens to support you make this Black Friday count.