Spend smart, stay relevant and get equity-free funding

Spend smart, stay relevant and get equity-free funding

There is no doubt that the current national lockdown has caused uncertainty and panic for small to medium-sized businesses across the country, impacting budgets, growth and morale. It is a scary time – we know, but not the time to cut brand marketing spend.

Brand building is and always has been a long term investment. Those businesses that hold their nerve now will be the ones that will survive this period as well as future-proof for the country’s economic roller coaster which will naturally follow. South Africa’s economy grew by only 0.2% in 2019, the lowest rate in a decade, setting the scene for a recession long before the impact of the COVID-19 virus. Research demonstrates that companies that increase their advertising budgets during the recession grew sales much faster than their rivals – not only during the downturn but also beyond it.

In the meantime, as the virus puts a quarter of the global population under lockdown, online activities and an increase Google Search queries across multiple industries and audiences are increasingly engaged, creating opportunities for your business online.

For this reason, BetterBanc and SearchKings™ Africa are joining forces to better support our customers and ensure that your business has visibility during this critical time. Generating leads now and keeping your brand top of mind will help ease your business back into action after the lockdown.

If revenue is tight and you need access to cash flow, BetterBanc’s application program for equity-free marketing funding is now open. The online application process is super easy and takes about two minutes to complete. Once your application has been approved, the BetterBanc team will be able to get growth capital in your account within 72 hours.

SearchKings™ is here and willing to assist you with your application online or you can email BetterBanc CEO, Marnnus Wapenaar on marnus@betterbanc.co for more information.

SearchKings™ Africa’s continued commitment to our customers means we’re doing all that we can to help you succeed, even during this uncertain time.

Please reach out to us with any concerns or questions so that we can tailor your marketing strategy to suit your business’s needs.

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