Meet the Queens in the Kingdom

Gabriella Bytenski is SearchKings™ Africa’s Executive Assistant and the maternal force of the office. Having joined the team in 2018, Gabi was officially the first lady to enter this male-dominated office, and truth be told she hasn’t looked back since. From ensuring that accounts are running smoothly, seamless onboarding of new customers, and managing owned and shared content platforms there is nothing that Gabi doesn’t do. With a background in digital marketing and a heart of gold, Gabi ensures that campaigns run like clockwork and people feel valued and supported. As for her female role-model – hands down it has to be her mom

Kyla Gellatly is a Digital Operations Specialist in the Kingdom who plays a key role in assisting customers with onboarding and setting their accounts up. Solution orientated and focused, Kyla makes sure that no bugs, no kinks, or discrepancies escape her watchful eye – ensuring seamless customer experience and helping out her colleagues. She joined the business in 2019 and has grown within the role both professionally and personally embracing change and challenges head-on. As to why we need more women in this space, Kyla believes that not only do women deserve the same opportunities as men but with diversity come new insights and different skill sets – all of which mean additional value for customers – and we couldn’t agree more.

Lizelle Alberts is a Professional Accountant in the Kingdom responsible for the full business accounting remit and client billing. She joined the team in 2014 as a freelance accountant and never left. The cash buck really does stop with Lizelle. She ensures that bills are paid on time and the debtor’s book is managed which are critical. It’s a tough role that Lizelle executes with tenacity and of course true attention to detail – a key skill that women bring to the work environment.  As for her role-model check out Mel Robbins – author & motivational speaker.