Better Together

Better Together

Former politician and diplomat, Colin Powell believed that a mirror might reflect a man’s face, but who he really is, is shown by the company he keeps.

And part of what we love most about working at SearchKings™ Africa are the dynamic people we meet and partner with strategically to grow our own business while offering additional support and value for our customers. This month we want to introduce you to the dynamic team at Iridium Business Solutions – by far the most innovative and purpose-driven accountants we know. 

Our Managing Director and Founder, Brett Persltein met Iridium’s Director Peter Magner at the 2019 SAICA Top 35-under-35 competition where both gents were finalists. Both wildly driven entrepreneurs, they naturally hit it off or as Peter says ‘it was like a true romance novel. Brett and I had a great chemistry and were like kindred spirits from different cities.’

Their shared love for business development  and marketing brought them together to unpack the potential of collaboration and there-in lay an opportunity for Brett and Peter to build their networks together. And as they say in the classics, the rest is history.

Anyone who has started a business from scratch will tell you that it’s tough. As Peter says building one without surrounding yourself with strong partners is even tougher. From sourcing startup capital to the time investment that keeps you from your family and friends, starting a new business can test your resilience in ways you never dreamed possible.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is a critical success factor in the journey and these words echo true for the partnership between Brett and Peter. ‘My belief is that you need to focus your energy on your strengths and ensure you partner with people and businesses that cover your blindspots.  As a Google Premier Partner, SearchKings™ Africa  have been able to guide us on our Google journey and Brett and the SK team have been an invaluable asset to our business as we unlock our potential online’ adds Peter  

There is without doubt tremendous value in developing a partnership with a customer when it comes to more opportunities and scalability for both of you. The time invested will certainly reap the rewards.

And of course a partnership means a two way street between SearchKings™ Africa with Iridium supporting Brett with key future focused planning at a critical time. ‘Our business needed to scale but we needed support in ensuring cost control and the profitability of each department. Iridium provided us with the right scalable data-driven solution. Peter and his team have been invaluable to us particularly during this Covid-19 period in terms of managing costs and seeing us through the storm’ says Brett

The beauty of the SearchKings™ Africa and iridium partnership is that as customers and suppliers to each other, there is a strong sense to hold each other accountable to growth metrics – with both companies equally invested in the success of the others. It’s a unique synergy.

‘Brett and his team are the experts in their field who are always willing to go the extra mile to help our business. It’s so important to keep building relationships with your clients and find people who build you and your business up. Don’t forget the human element though. There is only so much one can automate, the magic comes when people and technology combine.’ says Peter

As businesses now navigate a post Covid-19 world, cash flow management will remain a key survival factor as will setting new and achievable targets as your business has pivoted.

If you need support to future proof your business, good thing we just introduced you to Iridium.