Senior Developer

Job Position
At SearchKings AfricaTM, the Senior Frontend Developer will be part of the Web and Creative Services department and will be responsible for working alongside and co-leading a team of developers that focuses on enhancing the web presence of our customers. You will guide and mentor our developers in completing digital production projects including but not limited to optimising, building and maintaining systems and teams to efficiently manage web work, ranging from developing static and Shopify themes and sites optimised for pay-per-click advertising to WordPress themes and site builds.

Responsibilities Include

  • Develop digital projects such as Shopify (or other eCommerce platforms), WordPress, and custom websites and themes from start (scoping) to finish (release and maintenance).
  • Define and enforce technical best practices.
  • Continuously analyse and work with the team of developers to improve upon the efficiency and accuracy of our web development systems, tools, and workflows. 
  • Perform code reviews as needed. 
  • Work closely with the project management team to ensure project workflows and technical solutions are as efficient as possible. 
  • Work closely with our creative lead and design team to ensure consistency with our design systems, goals, and branding. 
  • Develop relationships with and work closely with 3rd party web development vendors and freelancers to ensure optimal performance and adherence to partner agreement guidelines.
  • Liaise with our operations and technical support teams to manage needs and impacts to websites and web-related materials. 
  • Provide technical training and onboarding of new production team members.
  • Contribute to creating and maintaining technical documentation.

Required Skills & Experience

  • The ability to work independently and also within a group setting. 
  • Great problem-solving skills and the ability to be resourceful.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to explain technical concepts clearly and concisely.
  • A keen eye for detail and analytical by nature. 
  • A desire to improve workflows and tools, and a fascination with new technology.
  • The ability to oversee and drive projects forward.

Minimum Requirements

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience developing digital projects such as Shopify (or other eCommerce platforms), WordPress, and custom websites from start (scoping) to finish (release and maintenance).
  • Expert understanding of version control systems such as GitHub or Bitbucket.
  • Strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, Node.js, Bootstrap, Sass, Liquid.
  • Strong knowledge of Shopify and WordPress themes and site development.
  • Understanding of static website generators like Jekyll. 
  • Strong understanding of website UX/UI best practices.

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