The Power of Reviews

As Walt Disney said, ‘do what you do so well that they [customers] will want to see it again and bring their friends’ – it’s as though he preempted the benefit of the 5 star Google Review.

We couldn’t agree more with the pioneer of animation and are proud to announce that SearchKings™ Africa has more 5 star customer reviews on Google than any other digital or performance marketing agency in South Africa.

With 87% of consumers reading online reviews for local businesses, this has without a doubt become an important channel to not only build trust with potential customers but as a powerful tool to retain existing business – sometimes harder than securing the former. So with Google being one of the biggest players, soliciting 5 star Google Reviews should form part of both your acquisition and retention strategy.

Google Reviews on the Google My Business (GMB) platform is a powerful tool that’s potential has yet to be fully realized by many businesses. Not only does it offer agility with real-time feedback but it works as part of a larger ecosystem to build brand trust and increase your online exposure. A series of positive reviews creates page visibility and improves your ranking.

GMB is the single most important digital ID for any business (with or without a website) and feeds your business data shown on Google Maps.

So how do you get a 5 star review?

  • First and foremost you need to deliver. In the case with any marketing strategy – you need to have something strong to sell. If your product or service is world class, the door to solicit a positive review is already open. If your product or service isn’t hitting the customer mark, then your business may need to consider other interventions first.
  • Ask and ye shall receive: Some customers are prone to expressing their gratitude and satisfaction for a service but others simply may not think about or be aware that channels to this are available.  If you want to increase your reviews, then ask your customers – 70% of people are willing to leave you a review if you just ask. 
  • Maintain momentum: With 73% of consumers only really looking at reviews in the last month, ensuring you follow up with new customers and refresh old testimonials is equally important to build in your after sales process.

Feedback is a key link in any chain of successful delivery, which is why at SearchKings™ Africa we place immense importance on our Google Reviews. The advantages of Google reviews also include the real time feedback loop. Every review you receive – positive or negative – helps you ascertain whether you are indeed creating a memorable experience for customers – or not. With 100+ 5 star Google reviews from our customers and counting, we are encouraged to work even harder and inspired to improve where we can. This critical feedback allows us to deliver an exceptional customer experience and tackle challenges as they arise.

If you would like more information and guidance on how to leverage the power of Google’s 5 Star Review, please get in touch with us today – and while we have you, please feel free to leave us a review too.