Buck the trend, stay online and win this holiday season

South Africa may be gearing up to go on holiday, but it is as vital as ever for your business to keep the lights on – online. And those who don’t will run the risk of losing out to their competitors.

The team at SearchKings™ Africa sees a golden opportunity for those customers who choose to keep their marketing running over the festive season. We have over five years of empirical data when it comes to festive season trends.

“Consumer searches over the festive season are intentional,” says SearchKings™ Africa founder and CEO Brett Perlstein. “Sure, there may be less volume, but customers are still looking for you, and you need to either be there for them or manage their expectations. So while many businesses turn their marketing off at this time of year, we believe there is an opportunity to win online for those who maintain a presence at this time of the year,” Brett adds.

Here are some of the advantages of being online over the festive season:

  • Less competition = more for less:  with competitors offline, keyword bid prices are now cheaper, impression share increases (greater share of voice) so you can now get more for less on the same budget. Alternatively, you can spend less and maintain the brand presence you have been investing in all year round. It’s a win, win really!
  • Everyone is online: Holiday or not, people continue to search on Google and entertain themselves or look for inspiration by consuming hours of content on  YouTube. So why not give your business a headstart for 2022 by getting as much exposure to a targeted audience this side of the year while you still can.

Most importantly, don’t ghost your customers! Whether open for business or not, make sure you communicate with your customers when you will be closed and when you will be back online and ready to support them again. For the right products and services, your customers will be willing to wait until you reopen – but only if they know when that is.

On that note, the Kingdom will be open to supporting you,  our customer over the holiday season. We will be closed for 1 week from the 24th of December 2020 to the 3rd of  January 2021 – but as an online business we are always available should you need any support over this period, please reach out to support@searchkingsafrica.com